My True Love, My Dogs. Part 2

Left: Hunter     Middle: Kinzy     Right: Ryker


Shortly after giving up my Hunter (part 1) I was called by my wonderful trainer about a dog that needed a home. I was hesitant when I found out it was an adult dog as I was really wanting another puppy to train but I agreed to go see her. I drove about an hour or so north of where I live to meet her current family, my trainer, and of course, the dog.

She was pretty and really not very interested in me at all. She had her little human child to play with after all. How much is anyone compared to that?

While we were talking about her, I as informed that Kinzy was a littermate to one of my agency’s K9’s. Crap! Now I have to take her. I have to keep her in the family right?

She was in heat and I also needed to get supplies for her as everything I had for Hunter was gone. So we agreed I would pick her up in a week. That gave me time to prepare and her time to finish her heat cycle.

Kinzy was 3 1/2 years old and was fully trained and certified to be a Narcotics K9. She was listed on their website for $4500 to an agency or working family only. One trip to the vet changed all of that. Her final vet check showed a joint defect in her front legs. Hardly visible unless you know what you are looking for. Needless to say, she went from $4500 to free to “let’s call Cheryl”. I have always appreciated the confidence in my ability with these crazy dogs.

I had it easy with Kinzy. It was like cheating. She was fully trained and from the day I put her in m car to drive her home she never challenged me. She knew I suppose that she and I now belonged together.

Kinzy and I were a twosome until she was 5 years old when I brought Ryker home. He will be part 3. She and I walked almost every day, played at the dog park, when the weather was not too hot she was my car alarm because she went for “drives” even if it was just to the store.

Kinzy was sweet-tempered and obedient but she was a hyper Dutchie like she should be, she just had amazing control of herself. She put up with a new puppy, a granddaughter less than a year later, a move to a new house and she did it all with grace.

When Kinzy was 9 years old, cancer came for her. It took her fast and within a week of noticing the enlarged lymph nodes in her neck, I found myself in the vet’s office saying goodbye to her. A dear friend helped me get her there as Kinzy couldn’t even walk, and my wonderful trainer was in the room with me to say goodbye to our beautiful girl and to comfort me as I fell apart when she was gone.

I have to point out that she was always protective of me and in the true unbreakable Dutchie spirit she protected me even as death was calling to her.

While waiting for my friend to come over and help me take her to the vet, I had Miss Kinzy laying on her bed and I was sitting with her. She literally could not stand let alone walk. She was shaking and clearly in pain. When the doorbell rang, I got up to let my friend in. As she was coming in, I turned around to go back to Kinzy and there she was STANDING BEHIND ME. I had to carry her back to her bed because she couldn’t walk back but there was the proof of the spirit of the Dutchie, proof of the undying, unconditional love of a dog. Proof that they are here to make our lives better.

Goddammit, I’m crying again. Thankfully no one pays attention to anyone at Starbucks.

Kinzy, I love you and will miss you till my last dying breath and beyond.

Hunter and Kinzy came into my life and changed it forever.  We don’t deserve dogs.


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