Fear For Naught

So Saturday was a week since I shaved my hair. Guess what? I was afraid for nothing.

First, we had so much fun and there was so much support from people that it was easy to get up in that chair. Second, during this past week the world has not stopped, people are the same, and I have even had some compliments on how I am “Rocking The Bald”. I have a nice round noggin turns out 🙂

Now I can’t speak for what people think to themselves but as far as outward appearances and treatments go, I have not had any negative experiences at all. I believe that with social media, education, and well just the sad fact that there are few who have not been touched by cancer in some way (we all have friends/family that have fought the battle) people are less likely to judge now. I wonder if my gesture isn’t about 20 years to late? I think it is still important to show the solidarity and that should never change but I know that my experience has not been what all women have gone through in the past. They were true warriors.

I will do this again and if anyone is out there considering it but afraid….Don’t be. Do it!


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